How do PCM Works?

All materials have the capacity to absorb & release heat energy with an accompanying temperature change, and such absorbed or released heat is known as sensible heat. Sensible heat is readily determined from the material’s mass, specific heat capacity and temperature change.

Freddo roof insulation Tiles make use of this concept to effectively insulate homes from heat.

PCMS (Phase Change Material) undergo sensible heat change like other materials, however at certain temperature, depending on the selected PCM, they additionally undergo a phase change, whereby the material melts or freeze, The absorbed or released heat energy associated with such phase changes is Known as iatent heat, and PCMs are sometimes referred to as latent heat storage materials. AS the phase change process is roughly isothermal, with a minimal temperature change, the heat absorbed or released can work to buffer the temperature of the PCMs immediate environment towards this phase change application, High thermal storage density also allows PCMs to be used for efficient storage of heat orcold, and inthis sense the PCM can be considered to be athermal battery.